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LePatner in Action

Syracuse University Whitman School of Management
2013 Harry E. Salzberg Memorial Lecture Series
Panel Discussion: The Power of Private/Public Partnerships

Moderated by Barry LePatner

Recently, Barry LePatner presented at the National Academies’ Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable (GUIRR) in front of a prestigious group of attendees. To view a portion of his presentation, “Canaries in the Coal Mine: Why the I-35W and the I-5 Bridge Collapses Are Prime Examples of What Happens When Infrastructure Goes Unfunded,” click here.

Barry LePatner on location with CNBC for his interview featured on “The Race to Rebuild America’s Infrastructure”

Recently, Barry LePatner had the honor of speaking at Mobility 21’s 11th Annual Southern California Transportation Summit. To watch his speech or to read a transcript of his speech, please click the links below.

(LePatner’s speech begins at 29:30 mark)

Speech Transcript

To listen to an interview Barry gave shortly before his presentation, click here.


LePatner Live! Click here to see a list of Barry LePatner's TV and radio appearances.

LePatner Talks Construction:
• MC Consultants, Inc.'s Construction Defect and Construction Law Conference

LePatner Talks Infrastructure:
Read LePatner's testimony from the 1984 Report by the Committee on Science and Technology on Structural Failures in Public Facilities.

• The Toronto Forum for Global Cities


  If there’s a guru on construction industry reform, it’s LePatner.

Governing Magazine, 2007
link to chapter 1 excerpt